Our church has been blessed to have extended ministries around the globe.  Please use this list to lift up our missionaries to the Lord.  Pray for their spiritual walk with the Lord, and their families health and safety.


Listed below are the missionaries that ARBC currently supports:

Bill Ashbury

Dr. Ron Baity  - Return America

Dr. Bill Rice III  -  Bill Rice Ranch [Tennessee]

Sean Canavan  -  India

Christian Law Association [Florida]

Chet Cooper  -  Georgia

Steve Davis  - Lithuania 

Dr. Edgar Feghaly  -  Middle East

Clay Gibbons  -  England 

Edward Gibson  -  Japan

Patrick Henry  -  Argentina 

Jason King  -  South Africa 

Scott Krystowiaks - Prision Ministry 

Michael Marsh  -  Austrailia

Ray McCormick  -  Arizonia

Daniel Mee  -  Columbia 

Rick Osbourne  -  West Africa

Ron Parrot  -  Europe 

Patrick Pruett  -  Peru

Russell Pruitt  -  Montana

John Poe  -  Peru

Our Daily Bread (Previously Radio Bible Class)  -  Michigan

Joel Shoaf  -  New Zealand

Gary Sprunger  -  Caribbean 

Margaret Stauffacher  -  France

Ken Symes  -  Jewish Ministries

Tabernacle Children's Home  -  South Carolina

Dr. T.J. Tilley  -  Training Nationals

Joel Wagner  -  Myanmar (Bible Translation)

Dr. Ron White  -  Japan

Dennis Young  -  Argentina