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ARBC Homeschool Group

We Are in This Together



One of our ministries that the Lord has blessed, is the formation of a group that exists to encourage and equip in this journey of education.  Pastor and Mrs. Williamson began this ministry over twenty-five years ago to encourage and strengthen the resolve of many parents that had chosen to homeschool their children. 

The ministry has grown and has been a blessing to many families in the area.  The group meets once a month for encouragement, prayer, fellowship, and the sharing of ideas.  In most meetings, Dr. Williamson gives a brief devotion designed to assist in the walk of a homeschool parent.  In addition, he offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in counsel and assistance.  

The homeschool group has planned activities on a quarterly basis that consists of wildlife nature trails, visits to the NC Zoological Park, several museums, as well as cooperation in classes.  

If you would like more information concerning the ARBC Homeschool Group, please email us at or call our church office at 910-464-3310.


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